The Cloud CyberInfrastructure Innovation Lab (CCI Lab) is a UNCG cross-divisional collaboration that looks to further the use of cloud CyberInfrastructure in research and the classroom by capitalizing on the experience and expertise across the University. Cloud technologies continue to evolve and present opportunities to use scalable compute resources in new and innovative ways using capabilities not readily accessible using traditional computing, including the latest in Machine Learning and AI technologies.

The CCI Lab aims to catalyze the adoption of cloud CyberInfrastructure at UNCG by providing a place that:

  1. Provides participants with cloud infrastructure in support of their research projects
  2. Publishes reference whitepapers that demonstrate reproducible examples
  3. Assists faculty to better understand the cost impact of using cloud infrastructure
  4. Facilitates faculty and staff learning opportunities from cloud partners
  5. Seeks funding opportunities for cloud CyberInfrastructure

The CCI Lab is operated by Information Technology Services under the direction of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure.

For more information, please visit the CCI Lab website.